Grant Will Cover Abatement Of Single-Family Homes In FFH

Thanks to $200,000 in grant funds, hazardous materials abatement in the single-family houses at Fairfield Hills has begun, with abatement and demolition of Danbury Hall to follow. An additional $200,000 in Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) funds through the town will cover any additional costs incurred when Danbury is demolished.

According to Economic and Community Development Director Elizabeth Stocker, hazardous materials abatement is under way on the single-family houses “to be paid in full” with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cleanup grant of $200,000.

Next will be the cleanup and demolition of Danbury Hall, she confirmed. Any remaining grant funds from the houses remediation will be used for the cleanup on Danbury. If the grant cannot pay for the full cost, then the $200,000 of CIP will cover costs, plus pay for demolition. No EPA funds will be used for the demolition, Ms Stocker said; the EPA funds are to be used for the cleanup only.

Regarding the work, she said, “They are moving right along.” Crews will prep the buildings and abate two houses at a time, and once two are done, they will move to the next two, Ms Stocker explained. Eight single-family homes sit on a small cul-de-sac near Norwalk Hall.

There is also environmental monitoring and testing taking place. “Everything is going smoothly, as we expected it to,” Ms Stocker said. Is it nice to see progress? “Finally,” she agreed.

Eventually the homes will be razed. Newtown’s fire companies will use them for maneuvers once the abatement is complete, then the Public Works Department will remove the debris. Receiving the work bid to abate and dispose of asbestos materials, regular materials, remove underground tanks, and more is Associated Building Wreckers.

The town had received nine bids in January for the cleanup and demolition of Danbury Hall and the eight homes. Bids ranged from a low of $449,000 to more than $1.4 million. The Associated Building Wreckers will complete the work in phases.

Adding to the bustle at Fairfield Hills this week among the municipal offices, recreation, and traffic to the NYA Sports & Fitness Center was activity around the single-family houses as crews began the cleanup.

With windows taped and its front door open, the first house among the eight played host to men running a generator and working inside.

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