Date: Fri 31-Oct-1997

Date: Fri 31-Oct-1997

Publication: Bee

Author: STEVEB

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Local Democrats Win The Fund-Raising Contest


Democrats have raised nearly twice as much money as their Republican

counterparts this election season.

The two parties recently filed their campaign finance reports with the town

clerk's office. The statements list how much the candidates have received in

contributions and how much they have spent.

Since July, the Committee to Elect Rosenthal/Bojnowski has raised more than

$17,000 in funds, more than $7,000 of it from individual contributions and

nearly $8,000 from the Democratic Town Committee. During that time, the

Committee to Elect Melita/Brimmer brought in just under $9,000, just over

$3,000 from individual contributors and $5,500 from the Republican Town



Those contributing to the Rosenthal/Bojnowski campaign were:

Susan Licht $200

Susan Osborne White $250

Stephen Herman $150

Steven Smart $100

Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Dent $100

Lawrence Riefberg $100

Karin Nejame $100

Carolyn Greene $100

James Osborne, Jr $200

George Ganim $100

Louis DeFilio $500

Karla Bernstein $50

James Gaston $150

Peggy Ulrich-Nims $100

Robert Connor $100

Duane Baumert $100

Jerome Mayer $100

James Crick $100

Mary Ann Murtha $50

Edwin Dudeck $100

Dana Fradon $100

Romilda Anderson $100

Henry Gellert $500

Peter Duhamel $200

Mr and Mrs Gary Frenette $200

James Kearns, Jr $40

Michael Kelley $100

Mary Jane Madden $50

Edgar Beers $50

Josephine Bojnowski $100

Alexander Hury $100

Earl J. Smith, Jr $100

Thomas Ganim $200

Michael Osborne $500

William Honan, Jr $100

James Osborne, Jr $100

Gary Frenette $250

Jane Tedder $150

Heidi Winslow $200

David Chipman $500

Francis Pennarola $75

Richard Coopersmith $100

George Lockwood $100

Jack Rosenthal $250

Gjok Hoti $250


Those contributing to the Melita/Brimmer campaign were:

William and Sharon Carroll $100

Frances Marsillio $50

David and Darlene Dunn $50

Kenneth and Judith Gardner $50

Charles and Patricia Jankovsky $50

Bob and Sue Carroll $100

James and Carol Sheridan $50

Alan Carlson $25

Kerry and Judith O'Donahue $50

David Rizzardi $25

Gerald Hyde, Jr $25

Dennis Bollier $50

George and Diane Lawler $50

Robert and Mary Ann Tuska $50

Martin and Beth Margulies $100

Frederick Kriemhilde $250

Denise and Wayne Booth $30

Mark Scott $50

Michael Rich $50

Arthur Bennett $100

Gary Chevalier $50

Sally O'Neil $35

Brian White $50

Nereyda Bottoms $100

Lee LaForte $25

James Rawlings $250

Michael Portnoy $50

Louis DeFilio $500

A final campaign report is due from both parties after next Tuesday's