Facing Parenting With Faith And Courage

Newtown Parent Connection, Inc. invites all parents and caregivers to attend what organizers say will be an unforgettable new program: Norm Bossio on Parenthood.

Insight and wisdom come with years of experience, and Mr Bossio has a remarkable way of sharing his while enlightening and motivating parents and caregivers who face parenting with the challenges of today’s world. On Tuesday, October 8, at 7 pm, Mr Bossio will speak at Newtown Middle School, 11 Queen Street.

Sponsored by Newtown Parent Connection, Inc., the special forum will inspire, empower and entertain as Mr Bossio presents a special talk designed to help Newtown heal. Mr Bossio has presented tips on putting family first, talking to your teens, and staying motivated.

The author of How to Stay Motivated on the Deck of the Titanic, Mr Bossio uses humor to describe the sinking, loss of control and helplessness that often characterize family life. He is credited with inspiring his audiences and providing them with tools to deal with stress and to be more effective parents.

For more information about this event or Newtown Parent Connection, visit www.newtownparentconnection.org.

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