Snowflakes Arrive At Sandy Hook School

Snowflakes created in response to 12/14 for a PTA drive to decorate Chalk Hill School in Monroe for Sandy Hook School arrived at the school on Thursday, February 28, thanks to PTA volunteers.

The idea to have children create snowflakes started as a statewide initiative, but within a few days the snowflake campaign had taken off, with boxes of snowflakes arriving from across the country.

When it became clear that the initiative to collect snowflakes by the Connecticut PTA for the school was an overwhelming task, Pitney Bowes volunteered space for the donations to be stored and sorted.

Laura Taylor, the treasurer for the Sandy Hook School PTA, works at Pitney Bowes. A 10,000-square-foot space at the company’s Shelton office was unused at the time, she said, and offered easy access to a loading ramp. It was perfect.

At Sandy Hook School on Thursday, Jennifer Taylor, who is the Sandy Hook School PTA vice president, said large rolls of  blue paper were donated to which the snowflakes were attached, and the long papers decorated with snowflakes were then hung around the school’s Lecture Hall.

The effort to prepare the snowflakes for the school started with opening boxes, according to Jennifer Taylor. Mara Street oversaw the volunteer effort for the Sandy Hook School PTA.

Laura Taylor explained there were 12 stations set up for volunteers to open mail, open packages, and sort everything that was sent to help with the effort. The first month was spent opening packages, then the initiative shifted to creating boxes of snowflakes to go to Newtown’s schools.

Jennifer Taylor said snowflakes were also sent to Monroe schools. The next part of the snowflake effort will have volunteers work to catalog the letters sent to the school through the PTA.

Across the Sandy Hook School Lecture Hall on Thursday, the long blue papers covered in snowflakes were hung up. Some of the snowflakes were dazzling with glitter, some took the shape of snowmen, and some snowflakes had messages. Banners were also shared with the school. One banner read, “If kisses were snowflakes, we’d send you a blizzard!”

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