Tell The Great Reunion Team About Your Most Inspiring Educators

Current and former residents of Newtown: the Great Newtown Reunion team wants to honor the best teacher or educator you ever had. Great Reunion committee spokesperson Kandice (Cohen) Castellino has set up a special e-mail account, welovenewtownteachers@gmail.com, so any current or past Newtown resident who was inspired, can submit a testimonial about his or her favorite educator.

Testimonials can also be submitted directly through the reunion’s website.

According to Ms Castellino, teachers and staff of Newtown schools, past and present, are invited to the July 27 event at Fairfield Hills. She expects representation from “alumni through the ages,” and hopes that many former and current public and private school staffers are on hand so former students “can have a chance to shake your hand, thank you for your guidance, and catch up.”

“Alumni, parents, and students are invited to write a letter about the teachers and staff members, past or present, who have inspired them,” she said in a release. “This letter can be about one particular educator who had an impact on you, many educators who influenced you, or about the wonderful people in the school system in general, and how they have changed your life.”

Parents of children currently studying in local public or private schools are also encouraged to write about an educator who has made a positive difference in the life of their child.

“We all know that the school system is why many families move to Newtown,” Ms Castellino wrote.  “There is no town on earth with more amazing educators. Thank them for inspiring us; thank them for instilling in us a love of learning; thank them for preparing us to go out and conquer the world.”

The Great Newtown Reunion is set for Saturday, July 27, from 10 am to 10 pm rain-or-shine at Fairfield Hills. Admission to the event is restricted to verified alumni, their one guest and children, school faculty and staff and current or past Board of Education staff and officials.

 One ticket covers the entire event, starting with a casual family Picnic, transitioning into a child-free’ semiformal dinner dance. Organizers plan to begin releasing tickets in the near future, but are holding to maximize sponsorship opportunities to keep ticket prices as low as possible.

Tickets are being estimated to cost less than $50 each, according to the reunion website

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