Wooden Train Playscape Arrives At Children’s Adventure Center

The sound of a bell being tolled rang out across the playground at Children’s Adventure Center on Tuesday, July 23. It marked the arrival of a wooden train playscape, which is the culmination of many fundraising efforts.

Sitting at the helm of the newly installed wooden train, Justin Sims, grandson of Children’s Adventure Center Director Judy Sims, rang a bell hanging near the steering wheel, as students inside the preschool walked out to see the newest addition to the center’s playground.

The train had arrived just moments before, and the students were ready to climb and investigate it imediately.

“This is beyond our expectations,” said Ms Sims.

Leroy Beiler of Mountain View Play Sets in Gap, Penn., built the train, and many members of the Children’s Adventure Center community raised money to help make the idea a reality.

It all started in January when Cindy and Paul Pollock made a donation to the center toward the purchase of a “wooden train set in memory of the children and teachers who lost their lives on December 14,” reads a letter sent to the Children’s Adventure Center staff members.

From there a collection effort blossomed, according to Ms Sims. A jewelry party was hosted, candles from Yankee Candle were sold, and individual families — including the Nowacki, Pollack, Brosius, Schmidle, Battaglia, and Longhi families — made donations.

Nearly $3,500 was raised, and the Children’s Adventure Center Parent Board named the train The CAC Express.

An Open House Free Ice Cream Social event  is set to be held on Friday, August 2, at 4:30 pm.

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