NMS Elects Student Council Representatives

Newtown Middle School students voted for the school’s 2013-14 Student Council after contenders for the different council positions gave prepared speeches on Friday, October 4.

Competing for the position of president were Michael Arther, Cathy Hyeon, Allie Paynter, and Justice Zoto. Vying for the position of vice president were Robert DiSibio, Harrison Farah, Ben Talbot, and Sophia Zimmerman. Contenders for the position of treasurer were Lucy Draper, Hana Rosenthal, and Will Stenz. Students who ran for spokesperson were Taylor Clark-Paivo, Angela Fiorella, and Angella Kousidis.

All of the candidates delivered speeches introducing themselves and explaining how they would improve the NMS Student Council. The speeches marked the final round for the Student Council campaign. Each of the students had already worked hard in applying for his or her desired position and were interviewed by Student Council advisors Nadia Papalia, Tina Broccolo, and Abigail Olsen.

After multiple assemblies were held to allow all students at the school on Friday the opportunity to hear the students speak, students returned to their classrooms and voted for the 2013-14 Student Council representatives.

At the end of the day, Allie Paynter was voted in as president, Ben Talbot as vice president, Hana Rosenthal as treasurer, and Angella Kousidis as spokesperson.

When giving her speech, Allie said she has two cats, her favorite color is purple, she promises to listen to ideas, she is enthusiastic and outgoing, and she is a full-time athlete, friend, and “your future president.”

“Together we can make our time at Newtown Middle School the best time ever,” Allie said.

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