NICE Announces Hosting Opportunities

The Newtown International Center for Education (NICE) team is actively planning delegation visits for winter and spring of 2014.

Students and educators from China, France, and Spain will visit Newtown this year, according to NICE, and the organization is seeking families interested in hosting a student and/or educator in their home during the delegates’ stay in Newtown. The Chinese delegation is scheduled to visit January 24 through February 22. The French delegation will visit in March, with dates to be announced. The Spanish delegation will visit between April 26 and May 6.

Contact Liz Ward at Newtown High School at warde@newtown.k12.ct.gov or Lisa Berger, NICE Parent and Community Organization (NICE PCO), at Bergemon@aol.com, with questions or to volunteer to host.

A family is also needed to host Newtown High School Chinese teacher Fosfor Wang for the remainder of the school year. If you are interested in this hosting Mr Wang, contact Paula Greenfield at greenfield@newtown.k12.ct.gov.

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