Drama Club Ready For Two-Show Production Of ‘Willy Wonka’

The Reed Intermediate School Drama Club will perform its upcoming musical production of Willy Wonka this Friday, May 9, and Saturday, May 10.

The Friday performance is at 7 pm, and the Saturday is at 6 pm.

The play will be performed at the school, 3 Trades Lane.

Tickets are $8 for general seating and will be available at the door prior to each performance.

Gina DeCesare and Sharon Vetrano are directing the play.

Cast members and their roles are: William Crebbin, Willy Wonka; Kyle Shelton, Charlie Bucket; Julie Hess, Mrs Bucket; Danny Ingersoll, Mr Bucket; Rick Irving, Grandpa Joe; Ailish Roche, Grandma Josephina; Leena Abdulrahman, Grandma Georgina; Aidan Ventresca, Grandpa George; Evan Wologodzew, James; Quinlyn Kessler, Matilda; Morgan Seras, Candy Man; Kayla Verga, Phineous Trout; Eric Burbank, Augustus Gloop; Allison Majeau, Mrs Gloop; Jane Shearin, Veruca Salt; Thomas Armstrong, Mr Salt; Taegan Smith, Violet Beauregarde; Olivia Buchler, Mrs Beauregarde; Zachary Masone, Mike Teavee; and Amanda Conrod, Ms Teavee.

The Oompa Loompas are being played by Natalie Barden, Olivia Braga, Isabella Correia, Annaleigh Davidow, Catarina DeRocha, Olivia Deschenes, Lindsay Dievert, Gwen Drew, Grace Eurell, Paige Farley, Claire Fiordelisi, Abby Grenier, Hannah Groonell, Courtney Henchcliffe, Hannah JoJo, Isabel Llopis, Hannah Marcum, Faith O’Hara, Meghan O’Rourke, Lianna Perazzo, Ashley Reed, Anna Romano, Amy Sapenter, Payge Shaw, Olivia Steare, Lenie Urbina, and Zoe Yllanes.

The Candy Kids are being portrayed by Charlotte Cartelli, Iva Dukate, Casey Dunn, Michael Early, Sawyer Findley, J.P. Ford, Julia Gerace, Kylie Giroux, Harrison Hermes, Madison Hintze, Sarah Holcomb, Kaitlyn Kantor, Madeline Larson, Maxwell Lucas, Grace McEnearny, Caroline Malin, Joey Moran, Olivia Renkert, Eliza Roth, Lakshaanya Saravanan, Victoria Stevens, and Zachary Ziperstein.

Sawyer Findley, Eliza Roth, Victoria Stevens, Zachary Ziperstein are also portraying Squirrels.

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