2013-14 School Year Ends With Smiles

As students arrived at Middle Gate Elementary School on Wednesday, June 18, for the final day of the 2013-14 school year, music teacher Tina Jones stood waiting to greet students who were dropped off by parents.

With her arms wide open, as if ready to hug each of the students, Ms Jones sang, “Happy last day of school.”

For some students she had a cheer at the ready.

“Give me an ‘L,’” she said, before asking for an “A,” “S,” and “T.”

Other students bounced off their buses and entered the school.

A few hours later, as Newtown Middle School students gradually streamed out from the school and onto buses, one student yelled from inside a bus, “Summer!”

Faculty and staff at NMS, including NMS Principal Thomas Einhorn, held yellow paper smiley faces and pom-poms to wave as the buses rolled out of the parking lot.

During her final “last day” in the school district, retiring Hawley Elementary School Principal Jo-Ann Peters Edmondson made her way through different classrooms as the minutes counted down to the bell.

In one kindergarten room Ms Peters was swarmed with children ready with hugs, and in another fourth grade students requested she sign papers and yearbooks.

Outside as students climbed onto their buses, one driver was ready; she had a shiny blue star with the words, “Rock Star” written on it.

“Rock stars!” she said as her charges climbed aboard. “Yay! It is summer! We’re out of here!”

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