St Rose School Students Participate In Field Day

Seventh grade students at St Rose of Lima School were waiting at each station of the school’s Field Day on Monday, June 16.

It is tradition at the school for the seventh graders to oversee the stations. New to this year’s field day were basketball and hockey stations, where participating students lined up to take their turns scoring.

Across the field, at the school students also tested their aim by running to meet a moving soccer ball and kick it into the net.

At another station, students played a parachute game.

Near the school’s building, students played in a “Coconut Relay.” At this station, students teamed up to balance a coconut-sized ball between their heads and make it to a cone and back without dropping “the coconut.”

Photo: Eliza Hallabeck

Students lined up to test their aim at a basketball station during St Rose of Lima School’s field day.

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