A Fundraiser To Help Heal A Healing Kitten

Kitten Associates, a home foster-based cat rescue group located in Sandy Hook, announced this week that one of the kittens who helped heal residents following 12/14 through its established Kitties For Kids program, is critically ill and funds are being raised to help determine the cause.

A fundraising page has been set up online and has raised $5,935 of the $7,000 goal.

The kitten, named Fred, has been getting weaker each day, according to the fundraising website.

“We’ve taken him to many veterinarians over the past few weeks. Every test comes up normal, but Fred isn’t eating and has worsening muscle weakness,” a description for the fundraising website reads. “We’ve ruled out many diseases, but sadly the last ones are [feline infectious peritonitis], Cryptococcus— a fungal disease, and a few others. Our last hope is to have an MRI done, but it's very costly and we just don’t have the funds to provide this care for our little guy.”

Kitten Associates is hoping that everyone who sees the page, “contributes the price of a cup of gourmet coffee — maybe just $5.”

“We’re not greedy,” the explanation reads. “We don’t want anyone to donate more than they can afford so if you can’t help, then share this message because that helps, too.”

Robin A.F. Olson, the president and founder of Kitten Associates, has also been chronicling Fred’s story on the Facebook page, “Kitten Associates.”

Ms Olson said on Thursday more than the $7,000 could be needed in the future, depending on Fred’s needs.

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