Snapshot - Suzanne Zuckerman

Occupation: I’m a nurse in the intensive care unit at Danbury Hospital. I’ve been there on and off since 1989, and have worked on the intensive care unit for about six years.

Family: My husband Adam and I have been married for seven years. I have two children, Madeleine is 20, and at the University of Tampa. Lauren is 17 and a senior at Newtown High School.

Pets: We have two cats, Betsy and Simba. Simba is 24 pounds of cat. He definitely thinks he’s the king.

How long have you lived in Newtown? I’ve lived in Newtown since 1990, in various parts of town. We finally settled in Shady Rest five years ago.

What do you like to do in your free time? I like to ride my motorcycle, a Honda Hawk GT 650. I like to read, and I love the beach. We go dancing, too, mostly 80s punk and New Wave. Every month at Greenwood’s in Bethel, a friend is the DJ, and that’s where we go. We’re not very good, but it’s very fun. I do volunteer, too, as much as I can recently, with Sandy Hook Promise.

Do you have a favorite book? Not really. I read for the entertainment factor, purely. I like love stories and some mysteries. I like fiction about people more than about history.

Do you have a favorite travel destination? Anywhere! I love to travel. Provincetown, Mass., whale watching is on of my favorite things to do. We’ve been cross country twice, on our motorcycles and that was a lot of fun. I liked San Francisco. I’ve been to Belgium, and I like it. That’s a whole different world there. I’d like to travel anywhere. The more exotic, the better! You can’t really know or connect with society, unless you’ve seen and lived it and understand a place.

What is the best thing about Newtown? I like the personality of the town: the flagpole, the hiking trails, Fairfield Hills, and the history. I love the small town things, like the parade. It’s great being able to walk to your sitting place along the route and you see people you know. We actually met some people sitting next to us one year, who have become some of our best friends. It’s a little town, but there’s a lot to it.

What has been the greatest influence in your life? For me, it’s been my job. It has shaped me in many ways into the person I am. There are a lot of different people out there, and my job enables me to see that. It lets me go against my first impressions, both positively and negatively. I’ve learned stereotypes almost never fit. I’ve learned a lot about people through my job. My husband and kids have been a great influence, too. There’s a sense of acceptance from them, as to who I am. They encourage me to take risks I might not have the self-confidence to take, otherwise.

Do you have a personal philosophy? There’s a whole world out there! Who am I to judge someone else’s perception of the world? If we don’t open ourselves up to what’s out there, how can we make rational and compassionate choices in our lives?

Do you have a guilty pleasure? My motorcycle. I’m a woman, a mom, and an ICU nurse… that’s why I think it’s my guilty pleasure! But I will never ride without my gear on, so that’s how I justify my guilty pleasure.

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