One Good Turn Deserves Another

Newtown resident Kim Calbo remembers how nice it was, after 12/14, to walk into a local restaurant or coffee shop and discover that a complete stranger — sometimes from across the country — was picking up the tab that day for anyone who ordered food or drinks. During a time of great stress and sadness, it was a lift that so many in Newtown appreciated, and now Ms Calbo feels that the community has the opportunity to pay it forward.

She has contacted the City Manager’s Department in Moore, Okla., where a tornado flattened a swath of the town 17 miles long and more than a mile wide on Monday, May 20, to find out if Newtown residents can return those favors in kind to fellow country people in need.

First responders and rescue workers are stationed primarily at a command center near the 19th Street and Telephone Road area of Moore, she was told, and there are several restaurants in that area.

Anyone wishing to prepay a restaurant to support any Moore rescue worker or resident coming in, for an hour, a day, or up to a certain amount of money, can call any of the following restaurants directly, said Ms Calbo, and make those arrangements.

“I think it would be a wonderful thing if Newtown can do for Moore what was done for us,” she said.

 Sunny Side Up, 110 SE 19th Street, 405-793-2450

 Waffle House, 316 SW 19th Street, 405-793-7736

 Five Guys Burgers & Fries, 631 SW 19th Street, #101, 405-794-5559

 Qdoba Mexican Grill, 660 SW 19th Street, 405-378-2017

 Taco Mayo, 1909 S Telephone Road, 405-799-8259

 Jersey Mike’s Subs, 660 SW 19th Street, 405-895-7478

 Sonic Drive-In, 1905 S Telephone Road, 405-790-0280

 Harry Bear’s, 2113 Riverwalk Drive, 405-799-2327

 Chili’s, 630 SW 19th Street, 405-793-8700

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