Snapshot: Michael Talluto

Occupation: I have the good fortune of working with lots of great people at PepsiCo in Somers, N.Y. I’m the senior manager of IT.

Family: I’m blessed to have my wife, Theresa, and two little ones. Madeleine is 8 years old, and Sofia will be 6 years old in January.

Pets: We just got a “Whoodle,” a soft-coated Wheaton terrier and poodle mix. Her name is Frisbee and she’s just 9 weeks old. She’s a little monkey.

How long have you lived in Newtown? We moved to Newtown about eight years ago, from Queens, N.Y.

What do you like to do in your free time? I’m a newly minted member of the Board of Trustees for C.H. Booth Library, since September. What other free time I have, I’m a hands-on dad and like to spend time with the kids and my wife. I like vintage cars, and the nostalgia around them. I love going to the car shows, and the engineering that goes behind those cars. On occasion, I buy and refurbish old radios. I spend a fair amount of time with home remodeling, which I enjoy. We’re in the middle of a kitchen remodeling project right now. I read quite a bit, and we try to go to the opera at least once a year, and to Broadway as often as we can. We try to take advantage of the city’s wealth of culture, with it so close to us — all the museums and so on. It’s partly for us, and partly for the kids.

What shows have you seen most recently? We saw Carmen at the Metropolitan Opera House. It was absolutely amazing, from the sets to the costumes. And the power within their voices is truly moving. The most recent Broadway show I saw was Mary Poppins, with the family.

Do you have a favorite travel destination? That would be Amagansett in East Hampton. It’s a family vacation we do every year. We love the beach and the coast, and there are so many different things to do there. It’s a great part of New York, and there’s a lot of history out there. Abroad, it would have to be Tuscany. It’s a very simple place. Geographically, it has mountains and hills. There is a tremendous sense of character there, and the food is terrific.

What is the best thing about Newtown? It’s the mix of classic American values with understated elegance. We have gems like the library. We have St Rose and Adath Israel, and the other religions of the town. They really anchor it and give it a moral center.

Who has been the greatest influence in your life? It’s my mom and dad. They live half the year in New York, and half the year in South Carolina, but I talk to them every day. When there’s a tough decision to make, I see their influence at work. And then there’s my wife: She’s made me a better man.

Do you have a personal philosophy? Put country and family first. We have so much to be grateful for. They’ve shaped who we are today. We get so caught up in things, but we live in the greatest country.

Do you have a guilty pleasure? Sushi, and ethnic food. Yamma Sushi, in Greenwich Village, is the best!

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