The Top of the Mountain

Little Genesis Fuentes may be on her way home to Belize by the end of next week, I’m told by Rotary Club member Pat Caruso. Genesis, a 3-year-old in need of heart surgery, came to the United States in early January, through the efforts of the Newtown Rotary Club and the Rotary Club International Gift of Life program. She and her caregiver Melanie Lopez have been hosted by Newtown Rotary member Mike Toll and his wife Monica before and after her surgery. A few small setbacks have kept Genesis in the United States, but now, says Pat, she is doing “really well. It’s a [complete] turnaround from when I first met her. It’s a new lease on life for her,” says Pat. Charmed by both Genesis and Melanie, no doubt it will be a bittersweet goodbye from the Rotary members, especially the Tolls.

It was nice to see a steady stream of patrons going in and out of the library this week, after its reopening last Saturday. It is obvious how greatly missed the facility was the past two months, and equally obvious how appreciative people were of the fresh look and updated technology. A few hiccups are still being worked out, as can be expected, but all should be smooth sailing by March 22, when C.H. Booth Library will host a Reopening Celebration for the public.

Coincidentally, I bumped into Monica, Melanie, and little Genesis at the library on Tuesday, with armloads of books.

If my fur jacket didn’t already look so slick, I’d be tempted to find a pink satin jacket to wear when I go to the NMS production of Grease: School Version, which runs this coming weekend. I am seriously considering a pair of wings to help me fly the following weekend, though, when Peter Pan swoops onto the NHS stage. These are two great productions, by the way, that the students have worked very hard on. Tickets are at the door for Grease: School Version and for Peter Pan. Check The Newtown Bee calendar online for times.

The Newtown Juggling & Circus Arts Club will have its next gathering this weekend, in case you don’t have enough things up in the air already. Members will be at Reed Intermediate School, Saturday, March 15, in the auxiliary gym, from 3 to 5 pm. Everyone, all ages, is invited to join them to learn or hone juggling and related skills. No experience is needed, and all necessary tools of the juggling and circus arts trade are provided. Any last minute changes can be found on the group’s Facebook page, or you can call club founder John Wisnieff at 203-501-7434.

All aboard! WMNR (88.1 and 90.1 FM, or WMNR.org) will interview Newtown’s railroad historian Peter McLachlan, this Sunday, March 16, at 5 pm. Peter is a former engineer with New Haven, Penn Central, and Conrail, and has contracted for Metro North and Housatonic Railroad, as well. One of the founding members of Danbury Railway Museum, Peter will offer his insight on freight service in Connecticut and its impact on passenger service.

Next Thursday, the calendar promises, is the first day of Spring. Now there’s a reason to rejoice. I’ve seen plenty of fluffed up robins hopping around on snowbanks the past couple of weeks, and I’m sure they would be happy to see more worm-filled patches of lawn appear. As for me, the teasing days of 50-plus degrees earlier this week only have me longing for more. Any crocus sightings yet?

Good luck to the Newtown Nighthawks Hockey team. Its win over Barlow this Monday at the Danbury Ice Arena set up a match-up with No. 7 Hall-Southington. The Nighthawks and Hall-Southington will play their quarterfinal-round game Thursday, March 13, after press time. Be sure to  check NewtownBee.com for coverage. I’ll be keeping my paws crossed (just like hockey sticks). The winner advances to a semifinal-round contest at Yale’s Ingalls Rink in New Haven on March 18.

Rumor has it that Marty LaMarche was visiting Newtown from her new home in Portland, Maine, last week. Sounds like she and her friend Jennie Williams were painting the town — on canvas, of course. Lots of paint and laughter was involved, along with some serious brush strokes.

Do you love to read and talk about what you’re reading? Newtown Senior Center is looking for a facilitator for a Book Club, the first Wednesday of each month, at 3 pm. Call the Center at 203-270-4310 if you can help out.

Maybe you happen to have some unused yarn that your cat hasn’t played with? The Senior Center is hoping for donations of yarn, for knitting afghans. Drop off your donations, Monday through Friday, before 4 pm, at the 14 Riverside Road location. It will be greatly appreciated.

It’s been a while since I have received any nominations for the Good Egg Award. If you know of someone who flies beneath the radar, but is deserving of a bit of attention for his or her good deeds, let me know at Nancy@thebee.com. I’m doing my best to put to rest the saying that “No good deed goes unpunished.”

Maybe the Starks say “Winter is Coming,” but it looks to me like Spring is Coming, and with it, season four of the HBO book-based Game of Thrones series. Air date is scheduled for April 6, a mere three weeks away. (Frankly, I don’t know what the fuss about that iron throne is; my soft cushion right here seems far more worth fighting over.)

Once we get out from under the rain, snow, and cold, next week promises some fun. All of the Irish and Irish wannabes will be hoisting a glass of Guinness to St Patrick, of course, this coming Monday. Just make sure that you don’t hoist one too many; Tuesday is a work day, after all…

Here are a couple of jokes to get you through Monday: Why shouldn’t you iron a four leaf clover? Because you don’t want to press your luck.

Why did St Patrick drive the snakes from Ireland? Because he couldn’t afford plane tickets.

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Irish. Irish Who? Irish you a Happy St Patrick’s Day!

And Irish you would be sure next week to… Read me again.

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