Snapshot: Bob Bonvini

Occupation: I’m a financial advisor. I work for People’s Securities, which is a division of People’s United Bank. I work with individuals mostly, to help them get to a comfortable place with their investments. It’s a lot of fun and it’s challenging, but very rewarding. My office is in Fairfield.

Family: I’ve been married to Carrie for 25 years. We have three great kids. Nicholas is our oldest, at 23. He’s graduating with a degree in economics from Northeastern University this month. Andrew is 20 and a junior at Southern Connecticut University, majoring in history. Nina, our youngest, is 16 and a junior at Newtown High School.

Pets: We have a dog, an American Eskimo, named Kaia. She’s a very vocal dog. And we have a cat named Sniff. She’s about 12 years old. Her brother was named Scratch, but he disappeared.

How long have you lived in Newtown? We have lived here for almost 21 years, in the same house. It turned out to be a great home.

What do you like to do in your free time? I’m very active. I recently learned how to meditate. I do Bikram yoga — hot yoga. It’s very healthy for you, and it’s a real challenge. I play drums professionally with a band, Charisma. We’re a six-piece band for weddings, private, and corporate events. I love music and going to concerts. I like to, and need to, keep up on current events, so I read a lot of different publications. I’m a former restaurateur, so I enjoy cooking.

Do you have a favorite band? I saw Steely Dan at the Ives Center a couple of seasons ago, and it was fantastic.

Do you have a favorite travel destination? I would say locally I enjoy going to Maine, for the natural beauty and for being outdoors. My family also has a place in Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico, and I’ve been going there since my teenage years. There is a beauty to the beaches there. It’s a very relaxing place, and a wonderful place to unwind. It’s harder to get there these days, with our busy lives.

What is the best thing about Newtown? In the Huntingtown area where I live, I like the rural nature of the town. It has a lot of rolling fields and farms and open space. I can be in Fairfield center quickly and have all the amenities of a city; but here, I’ve got horses and sheep all around us that add to the appeal of country living. And Newtown is full of good people and good neighbors. A lot of our neighbors are the same ones I’ve had since I moved in.

Who has been the greatest influence in your life? From a personal standpoint, one person was my Uncle Lyle. My dad died when I was very young. Lyle was from Maine, and he was a surrogate dad to me. He was kind, and always treated people with the dignity and respect they deserved. He taught me to ride a bike, drive a car, shoot a rifle, and filled that void for me in growing up without a dad. From a business standpoint, Warren Buffet is someone I admire for his pragmatic approach in investing. Musically, it is Sonny Emory, a drummer who was with Earth, Wind & Fire. Listening to his style of music and watching him perform was a great influence on me.

Do you have a personal philosophy? Always try to have a positive attitude and have balance in your life. Do what you love and pursue your passion — life is short.

Do you have a guilty pleasure? Going to Ferris Creamery with Nina and having a soft serve with strawberry topping. That’s a good one.

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