Traditional Indian Dance Recital Came To Newtown

Dancer Rahul Acharya told guests at the Natya Tarang Festival of Arts Indian Classical Dance Recital last weekend the story of an unfaithful lover caught in his affair. It was a 12th Century story of courtship, love trysts, and the two beloveds, one of whom became tangled in deceit. The recital was presented on Sunday afternoon at Edmond Town Hall.

Before he enacted the story through dance, Mr Acharya said, “Poetry in action is an integral part of Indian dance tradition.”

The lovers had promised to meet “at the dead of night in the woods,” but the man forgot his lover there, distracted by his time spent with another lover. The woman “waits and waits,” and finally the man arrived, bearing “love marks of another woman.”

Soon drums and music started and Mr Acharya, through poses, gestures, and pleading facial expressions, told this story from the man’s perspective, as he first “frolics” with another woman before arriving late and pleading with his lover.

Minutes earlier he had been joined on the stage by Anindita Nanda, who wore jewels in her hair, with her feet and fingertips painted in red. She and Mr Acharya danced in tandem, their feet matching the drum beats, as they worked through another traditional dance. Promoting the event and enjoying the show was Prabha Makayee, who said their deliberate motions and postures throughout the performance were “close to yoga.”

Sunday’s dance recital saw a crowd nearly filling The Alexandria Room as Mr Acharya and Ms Nanda danced, decorated in traditional vibrant outfits.

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