Another Weekend Of ‘Best Show’ Performances By Lathrop Dancers

It is not quite summer, but it is the first of June and in Newtown that means Lathrop School of Dance (LSoD) is prepared to present its annual Stardust Revue. Without a hitch, four performances flew by last weekend, with students performing four shows on the stage at Edmond Town Hall. On Saturday and Sunday, May 31-June 1, dancers were tapping and gliding over the stage, smiling as they enjoyed performing for their family and friends.

Those familiar with the “Stardust Revue” know they will see quality tap, jazz and ballet along with some hip hop during every performance. This year there were dancers celebrating 25 years with LSOD and each performed some very moving dances. One of those numbers was danced by the Stardusters and highlighted Lesley Henry. Not only was Henry celebrating 25 years, she performed while eight months pregnant to the tune of “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John. Her careful and graceful moves across the stage while she carried her tiny dancer made the performance moving and very special.

Tamara Brennan-Saric, better known to all at LSoD as Miss Tamara, celebrated 25 years by lighting up the stage with leaps and bounds during a solo act before being joined by other faculty members dancing to “The Time Of My Life” from the movie Dirty Dancing. The five faculty members performed without a flaw. The only thing missing was Miss Tamara flying off the stage like the character did so famously Baby did in the big finalé of the 1987 film. Instead she floated off, to a thunderous applause.

An unusual act of seven boys have become one of the show stoppers, all tapping and grooving on the stage together, working off their own energy. Their dancing gives variety not only to the dance studio, but it infuses such enthusiasm into the audience. These boys, ranging from three to ten years old, become the talk of intermission as they together rocked the audience in “They’re Rockin’ It” and showed their jive moves in the second half with Zach Weiland and another class.

The audience was also treated by the Flanagan sisters in a most beautiful ballet number. Aoife, Sinead and Grainne Flanagan joined together for “A Perfect Sister Act.” Aoife and Sinead are part of the LSoD faculty; joined by their younger sister, they shined brighter than the spotlights on stage during their dance number.

For those who are regular attendees of Stardust Revue, there is much enjoyment watching these dancers improve and grow as individuals and together as classes. The Stardusters are proven talent of this fact. As we watch the younger classes grow each year, the dancing of The Stardusters becomes stronger, solid and unified. The senior dancers open the show and set the tone with a moving ballet overture; the Lathrop Dancers, Jr Stardusters and all the aspiring young dancers give us a performance each year which has that Broadway quality.

As Mrs Lathrop always said, every audience is treated to “the best show.”

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