It Looks Like A Banner Year For The Book Sale

It is turning into “a banner year,” said Friends of C.H. Booth Library Book Sale Volunteer Toni Earnshaw of the CD, DVD, and even sci-fi/mystery book sections of the upcoming book sale.

“Twice as many CDs as last year — 7,000 at last count” have been donated for this year’s fundraiser, which returns to the air-conditioned Reed Intermediate School for its 39th annual offering Saturday through Wednesday, July 12–16.

In addition, the Friends have received a donation of at least 2,000 gardening, crafts and woodworking books from “a local publisher,” said Ms Earnshaw. A collection of 1,000 paperbacks arrived on June 22, and “a large selection of beloved Mad magazines” has also arrived, she said.

Ms Earnshaw, the marketing volunteer for the Friends, and Denise Kaiser, an organizer of the book sale, both admitted recently that they had been a little concerned at the relatively small number of donations their group had received for this year’s book sale.

“We were concerned, with the library being temporarily closed for a few months earlier this year [following a water main break and then repairs], that our numbers were low,” Ms Earnshaw said June 23. “But we have received thousands of donations recently.”

Ms Kaiser agreed.

“In the last two weeks, we have received between three and four thousand sci-fi/fantasy and mystery book donations,” she said during a sorting session at Booth Library. “Between Friday and Saturday [June 20–21] another 1,000 to 1,500 came in, and those are just the ones that I’m aware of this morning.”

The donations were especially welcome, Ms Kaiser said, because the books are going into “popular categories” of the sale. Proceeds from the annual book sale are used to supplement the library’s budget, helping with the purchase of books and other supplies and cover some services during the year.

“People know the sale is coming up, they knew it was difficult to make donations when the library was closed, and now the weather has turned…” said Ms Kaiser, to which Ms Earnshaw added, “It’s been like a flood.”

“It’s been heartening,” Ms Kaiser added.

“This is a good problem to have,” Ms Earnshaw said with a laugh.

Around them, spread through two rooms on the lower level of the library, volunteers were sorting books and testing electronic donations. More than 100 people volunteer time to the Friends, with small groups of people working at different times of the day, especially during the weeks leading up to the sale.

While the majority of the items donated during the year are put into the sale’s inventory, occasionally something has to be forwarded elsewhere.

“One of the hallmarks of our sale is that the condition of every item is good or better,” said Ms Kaiser. Every item is looked at, assessed for its possible value, and then priced.

“We are selective,” added Ms Earnshaw. “Not only that, but when we go to put everything out on the floor, we alphabetize everything.”

Every DVD and CD is electronically inspected and even, if necessary, polished, said Ms Earnshaw.

“Not every book sale can say that,” she said.

Among the offerings also received recently were numerous historic narratives, including Civil War and World War I write-ups, a collection from a local crafts club, and an abundance of audio books.

“What started out as a nervous time,” Ms Earnshaw said, referring to the library’s temporary closure and low donation numbers at that time, “has turned into a fabulous bounty of offerings.”


Donation Locations Still Open

Ms Earnshaw said this week that the public continues to donate items for the sale, and volunteers are still sorting, hoping to get as many books, CDs, DVDs, etc as possible into this year’s sale.

There are only two locations where the public should be dropping off books, however. The public can bring books right to C.H. Booth Library, at 25 Main Street, or to the trailer earmarked for the library that is located at the transfer station on Ethan Allen Road. The book donations trailer is in the area of the recycling drop-off.

“We love that people are still donating for this year,” Toni Earnshaw said on July 1, “but they really can’t be dropping books off at Reed School or anywhere else.”

Reed School is set up only for volunteers and the book sale. It is not a donation location, she said. No one at the school is prepared to receive donations.

The Friends of the C.H. Booth Library 39th Annual Book Sale takes place Saturday, July 12, through Wednesday, July 16, at Reed Intermediate School, 3 Trades Lane. The sale, one of the three largest in the state, has 90 categories of more than 120,000 books, electronically tested DVDs and CDs, games, puzzles, and more for sale. There is an entrance fee of $5, on Saturday only. Numbered admission tickets go on sale Saturday at 7 am.

Hours are 9 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday; 9 am to 7 pm Monday and Tuesday, July 14–15; and 9 am to noon on Wednesday, July 16. All items are half-price on Monday, $5 per bag on Tuesday, and free on Wednesday.

For complete information visit chboothlibrary.org/booksale.

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