Sharing Lemonade Stands Geared To ‘Giftivism’ For The Sake of Kindness

Members of Newtown Kindness, a nonprofit group that formed to honor the memory of one of the children who died 12/14, is spreading the spirit of “giftivism.”

A group of Newtown Kindness members gathered on Saturday, June 28, at Sand Hill Plaza in Botsford to distribute free lemonade-making kits to children who will make lemonade and then give it away.

The project is known as Charlotte’s Lemonade Stand. This is the second summer the lemonade stand kits are being given away. The program debuted in July 2013.

Newtown Kindness was formed in the memory of Charlotte Bacon. The organization’s mission is to promote kindness as a guiding principle of humanity.

Aaron Carlson, who heads Newtown Kindness, said, “This is about giving.”

So far, about 50 children have received the lemonade-making kits which Newtown Kindness provided to them free, he said.

Similarly, the children are asked to make and provide free lemonade to others in the spirit of giving, he said.

“It’s about encouraging kids to do good,” Mr Carlson said of Charlotte’s Lemonade Stand.

The program seeks “to plant the seed [of giving] in the mindset of children” he said. Most children involved in the project range from age 4 to 10, he said.

Newtown Kindness has abut 40 core members, Mr Carlson said.

In February, Newtown Kindness brought together several hundred people at Edmond Town Hall to honor the memory of Charlotte Bacon, issuing 44 awards to youths for their various acts of kindness.

Newtown Kindness is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded to encourage, facilitate, and recognize the value of kindness.

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