Holding Court And Prosecuting Weeds

Elaine Benko and Lana Dorrian spent time this month raking and weeding a bocce court at The Pleasance, 1 Main Street.

Parks & Recreation Director Amy Mangold found the two women Friday, July 18, at work amid perennial beds and blooming shrubs where the bocce court sits. The court is part of a piece of property that is owned by Bee Publishing Co., Inc., that is lovingly cared for by Publisher R. Scudder Smith and also offers a gazebo, walking paths, garden art, an antique fountain surrounded by plantings, a children's garden and more, all open to the public.

“We cleaned it up really good,” said Ms Dorrian. The women are part of a group that for the past nine years or more has enjoyed bocce. Laughing, she said, “The great thing about it — you don’t need athletic ability.”

After recent weeks’ heavy rains, they found their favorite bocce spot was flooded. Often playing on Fridays, Ms Dorrian said, “We get there and think we’ll play and it’s under water…” And subsequently well fed by the rain, weeds “sprang up,” she said.

Rather than play, the two set to work for several hours last Friday weeding and clearing the bocce court, filling trash bags that soon grew heavy, she said.

Sitting on the site where Lovell’s garage once stood, The Pleasance in spots has a sublayer of pavement, causing drainage problems.

But on dry days the women have an enjoyable afternoon.

“We have a really good time there, it’s such a great place, a beautiful place,” Ms Dorrian said.

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