The Top of the Mountain

Want to know how to catch a raccoon? Well, don’t ask Howard Lasher. Someone told Howard that the best way to solve the raccoon problem in his garden was to place sardines in a Hav-A-Hart trap. That may attract raccoons, true, but there are many other animals that are tempted by those stinky little fish — and when Howard and Jeanette were unable to find their cat, Georgio Katz, I’ll bet you can guess where he was. Poor Georgio was trapped. At least he didn’t go hungry. Here’s a photo of Georgio enjoying the great outdoors, before temptation overtook him.

August is always a quiet, kind of lazy month in the summer, but there is so much to prepare for around town. There is still plenty of time to donate to the September 1 Labor Day Parade at www.newtownctlabordayparade.org, or to enter your organization or club’s float. Who knows, you could walk away with the coveted Rooster Award. You can find a list of Newtown’s many authors and illustrators being honored by the 2014 parade theme “Write On, Newtown!” at the website, as well. Our own Bee Associate Editor John Voket will be found at the flagpole grandstand, emceeing the event with new announcer Susan Lang. Before you pick your viewing spot along the parade route, make sure you visit the fair on the lawn of the Newtown Middle School on Queen Street.

Another early September event is the Sunset Wine Tasting to support the Newtown Forest Association. In celebration of 90 years of preserving open space in town, the group is hosting the wine tasting, some music, and a silent auction Saturday, September 6, from 4 to 8 pm, at 65 Great Hill Road. That is the highest elevation in Newtown, by the way, with an awesome view. Tickets are $35 per person at NFAtreasurer@yahoo.com or by calling 203-313-5712.

In order to present this event, volunteers are needed. If you can help, NFA invites you to planning meetings, Tuesday, August 12, and Sundays August 17 and 24, at 7 pm, at the Holcombe Hill Wildlife Preserve office, 55/65 Great Hill Road. Please RSVP to volunteer, contribute, or donate items to the silent auction by contacting Guy Peterson at NFAtreasurer@yahoo.com or by calling Bart Smith at 203-313-5712.

I’ve been practicing my cat pose for the upcoming Newtown Yoga Day, August 23. It’s actually the down dog that’s been troubling me. Registration is still open for this all-day event at NYA, in case you have not yet signed up. Headliners for the afternoon will be yoga instructors Ray Crist, Jennifer Reis, and Tiffany Maloney, plus a lot of other local yoga teachers making up the “Yoga Buffet” in the morning. There is something for all ages and abilities, from 9 am to 4 pm, plus vendors. Go to www.newtownyogafestival.com for details.

I wonder if 2006 NHS graduate Lauren Babbage was surprised to bump into several other Newtowners while walking down a  sidewalk in Brooklyn on Saturday? There’s nothing like that out of context meeting to make you do a double take.

We’re all abuzz at The Bee this week about local blogger Nicole Christensen’s article. Take a look at her Suburban Farmgirl blog about The Bee at www.farmgirlbloggers.com/3100. (And just to be clear, the ball from the top of the flagpole that Nicole mentions that is in The Bee archives, is NOT the golden globe that went AWOL in August 2012.)

I always thought that dog days were in August, and referred to the muggy days that made one want to paddle about in a pond like an overheated pooch. I was only a little right, it turns out. Dog days actually refer to the period of time when the Dog Star, Sirius, rises with the sun. Currently, that is about July 3 to next Monday, August 11. What that makes the rest of the hot days in August, I don’t know. Cat days?

Sturgeon Moon, Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon, Red Moon — call it what you want, you can play in the light of the full moon this Sunday, August 10. Maybe you can join in the celebrations of local youth performers finishing up the two 12.14 Foundation summer musicals. The casts of 101 Dalmatians and A Rockin’ Midsummer Night’s Dream will be on stage at Newtown High School this coming weekend for the grand finales. No doubt you already have tickets for one of the performances, but it not, be sure to visit www.1214foundation.org for ticket and show information.

The Bee just hasn’t felt the same since this Monday, when Kelley Gaston turned in her final stories and some final Bee Lines. Kelley, having successfully completed her internship with us, is heading back to Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Penn., where she is a journalism major. Kelley, thank you for spending the summer with us. I highly recommend a cat nap or two, before heading back to school this weekend.

Speaking of back to school (and I’m sorry to do so), you can expect to see the Back To School supplement in next week’s issue of The Newtown Bee. It’s packed full of useful information, bus schedules, tips and tales, and even a coloring section featuring famous places around town.

The Park ‘n’ Bark doggie playground is open for business. Maybe that’s just the place to let your dog run off excess energy… instead of letting that energy turn into aggression released on leashed dogs walking past the house. There is no way for a walker to know if your dog bounding across the lawn is just coming to say “hello” or plans to take a bite out of Fido. If your dog tends to be on the protective side, please make sure that someone responsible is in control when it is outside. A walk should be a pleasant thing in any neighborhood, and not involve running for one’s life or a trip to Newtown Veterinary Specialists.

I prefer to find my news at a leisurely pace. Nonetheless, there will be plenty in this column next week when you… Read me again.

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