More Hypocrisy From Congress

To the Editor:

Today, February 27, C-SPAN informed us that the United States Senate blocked a Bill that would have expanded Veterans' Benefits to include dental care.  The proposed Bill would also have provided funding to support remedial health care beyond the limits presently imposed by sequestration.

I feel like vomiting with rage at the hypocrisy present in our Congress.

I recall those Senators standing to applaud, at great length, that courageous, wounded warrior Ranger, when they were gathered for the State of the Union address. It is easy to stand and clap, with the television cameras full on! A month later, I guess it has proved just as easy to block a Bill that would provide expanded care for those very same wounded warriors.

For shame!

Polly Brody

Heritage Village, Southbury                   February 27, 2014

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