Thanks For So Much

(The following letter to First Selectman Pat Llodra has been received for publication.)

Dear Mrs. Llodra:

Thank you for:

the thousands of extra hours spent in the service of our town

your grace and civility under pressure

your ability to make us feel that every voice matters

your calm demeanor in the face of natural disasters

calling to task corporations which did not fulfill their responsibilities to our town during these disasters

leading us through unimaginable sadness

encouraging our community to support, comfort and help each other

representing our town so capably at all levels of local, state and federal


We knew when we elected you that you were a qualified administrator; but you have risen above our expectations and demonstrated the highest degree of community service.  You have provided us with the kind of leadership which is so vital, yet so seldom found in government, and you have done it with the talents of a seasoned diplomat.

No elected official should ever have to assume the burdens of our recent past, but you have demonstrated how it should be done, when necessary.  You have set an example to which we may all strive.

We are in your debt.

Sherry Paisley

38 Walnut Tree Hill Road, Sandy Hook      February 20, 2013

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