Eliminate Waste, Cut Government Spending

To the Editor:

Let the sequestration begin!  The President needs to get back to the White House and start negotiating? I for one, and I know I am not alone, am sick of his staged campaign and propaganda events. Our country is in real trouble. The talking heads and empty suits in Washington, the President included, continue to drive this country into the toilet! You can't tax your way out of the mess.  Stop the fear mongering! How can 85 billion dollars, a 2.2 percent cut, cause so much damage when the President and the cronies in congress have been responsible for trillion dollar yearly deficits? Just ignore the massive unfunded debt and it will just go away on its own... Right?

It is time that we eliminate waste and cut government spending. There are plenty of places to look for government savings instead of lowering future living standards for our most vulnerable citizens by increasing taxes! To remove sequestration proves our government is incapable of reducing spending even a tiny amount. It is time to cut the fat! Does the Dept. of Education educate anyone? Is the Dept. of Energy a waste of Energy? Stop giving away our money to foreign countries. Trim staff, consolidate programs, eliminate redundancy. The government has enough money to fund illegals. The government has enough money to give away to foreign countries that hate us. The government has too much money!

 The sequester was signed by both parties, due to their inability to reach an agreement a year ago. Even with an 85 billion dollar "cut", our government will be spending more than last year. Where are the reductions; the President got his tax increases? Now the defense department is chiming in. General Ray Odierno, the Army chief of staff stated, "If we do not have the resources to train and equip the force, our young men and women will pay the price, potentially with their lives." If that is the case then why the hell don't we just leave Afghanistan now? One problem solved! We have bases located in approximately 140 countries. It is time to close some of them! We have a bloated defense budget. There is no end to the lies our government tells us. The government is about as good as a paper bag used to carry water.

Rich Narel

18 Philo Curtis Road, Sandy Hook             February 27, 2013

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