Find Another Use For Castle Hill Property

To the Editor:

I just read Andrew Gorosko’s article, “Cluster Housing Complex Proposed For Castle Hill [The Bee, 2/22/13] and I have to say, I’m shocked and dismayed that this could possibly happen in this community. One of the main considerations in moving my family to Newtown was the obvious appreciation of open space and less development in general – even at the expense of paying higher taxes.

Taunton Lake is a beautiful area – surely we can think of other uses for this property that would benefit the community – including a passive park with some trails to the lake.  There are too many beautiful houses in Newtown to purchase at this time to even consider putting such a huge cluster of homes on this site – it makes no sense. This is bad for Newtown and the community.  Who is going to buy them anyway? Does Newtown need 136 new homes?  Also, no affordable housing component - why not?  That would be the only reason to justify such a huge cluster of housing. But even then, not in this location. GLT should check out Fairfield Hills – what a perfect place to put a “multi-generational housing complex” – close to public transportation, schools, and walking trails.

As a resident whose property looks right at the proposed site, which now is a lovely, bucolic and quiet wooded area, I obviously am writing for personal reasons. But the number of home sites proposed is completely asynchronous with Newtown in general, and specifically, that area. In addition, Castle Hill is the overlook spot that residents and many others come to see the beauty of our town and community. The benches located at the preserve of of Old Castle Drive allow others to come to a place of tranquility, not one of high-density housing. Newtown cannot sell out to these development companies – lets seek another use for this beautiful piece of property.

Sincerely yours,

Geoff and Julie Curtis

43 Castle Hill Road, Newtown                    March 4, 2013

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