A Terrible Idea

To the Editor

We will admit that we didn’t read the 2/22/13 issue of The Newtown Bee, so we only learned of the cluster housing proposal for Castle Hill last evening. To say the least, our initial reaction was that this is a terrible idea for this land. We have lived on the hill for almost 12 years and know it is a much visited, photographed and beloved area in our town. The development that is proposed here would alter the very face of Newtown forever.

We are among the many residents of our beautiful community who are still reeling from the losses suffered on 12/14/12.

We implore the decision makers for this project to allow our town residents and officials time to further study and understand the impact of this proposal before we face a loss that cannot be undone.  Certainly there is a better use for this beautiful property than more development.

Chris and Tim Cunningham

9 Old Castle Drive, Newtown                       March 6, 2013

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