Zoners Should Reject Castle Hill Cluster Housing

To the Editor:

My name is Brian Trudeau, and I live on Old Castle Drive here in town.

Despite a Febuary 22nd article in The Bee [“Cluster Housing Complex Proposed For Castle Hill], it just came to my attention today (3/5/13) that 136 acres of “meadows forest, and shore line frontage on Taunton Lake” open space is set to be put to sale on the open market.  A developer wants to builder “cluster housing” in this area.

These parcels make up a vast tract of open space in town, and I urge the public to voice their opposition to the zoning board and Board of Selectmen. Such a development will negatively impact the surrounding area, fracture a contiguous tract of open space forest, put stresses that the roads and sewer systems can’t handle, and increase traffic on an already dangerous stretch of road.

Residents in our neighborhood who are most closely impacted by this proposed development are saddened by these developments and feel the public was not sufficiently made aware.  While perhaps not officially titled, this land is effectively a nature preserve and deserves to be protected.  I implore the town governing body to reject the proposal and allow this area to remain undisturbed.  We don’t need a new massive housing development here.


Brian Trudeau

Old Castle Hill Road, Newtown                   March 5, 2013

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