Doing The Right Thing

To the Editor:

On March 26, I submitted a letter to the editor titled “The Right Thing to Do.” On March 30, the police officers received a memo from First Selectman Llodra dated March 25, 2012 as an attachment in an e-mail from Chief Kehoe.  In the memo, Mrs. Llodra apologizes for not formally communicating her appreciation to the members of the Newtown Police Department sooner.  She assumed they knew that she supports the department and expressed her appreciation for their role in the community. 

 She clarifies that she had spoken with Chief Kehoe and Captain Rios numerous times prior to March 25, 2013 and told them how proud she was of the Newtown police officers. I assume she thought that her sentiments would be relayed to the police officers by the chief and captain. They were not. An obvious lack of communication.

In the minutes of the Newtown Police Commissions Special Meeting,  dated September 4, 2012, a diagnostic report was presented by Dr. James McCabe based on a survey he administered to the members of the department. When Dr McCabe was asked by Commissioner Faxon what improvements were needed, “Dr. McCabe stressed that communication was the key and suggested that anything that can be done to improve it is a step in the right direction.”

My apologies to First Selectman Llodra. There seems to have been a failure to communicate. I'm sure the men and women of the Newtown Police Department appreciate your reaching out to them. Thank you, Mrs. Llodra, for doing the right thing.

Linda M. Haas

767 Old Waterbury Road, Southbury       April 3, 2013

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