Don’t Tar All Elected Officials With The Same Brush

To the Editor:

I was greatly relieved to read the headline “Mr Duffy’s Extremist and Reactionary View” over Randi Allen Kiely’s excellent letter of March 27 concerning a previous letter printed by The Bee with the headline “Elected Officials Are Fundamentally Dishonest”(Letter Hive, 1/11/13).

I spent a long time writing my own response to the original letter, because the headline was so provocative, and so insulting to officials who work hard to attain office, only to be subjected to such inflammatory words. I was taught never to use generalizations, and to tar all elected officials with the same brush is an outrage. It could be construed to include local politicians such as our dignified and courageous Patricia Llodra, along with our hardworking Board of Selectmen and Legislative Council, who work for long hours, many of them for nothing more than the satisfaction of serving local citizens.

My original letter got lost in the wonderland of the Web, and I simply want to second Randi’s final message, that “careful investigation and rational discourse takes a cool head and a lot of work.”  Perhaps, as she further suggested, it could have been used as the headline for her letter!

 Thank you for your work in presenting divergent views.

Sincerely yours,

Mary Thomas

22 Juniper Road, Newtown                    April 3, 2013

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