Controlling Guns Will Not Control Human Behavior

To the Editor:

Thank you to Mr Boritz for his letter in the April 5th edition of The Bee.  Boritz’s letter is one of the clearest statements of the two sides of the gun issue that I have read to date.

On the one hand you have the Second Amendment defenders. These folks believe in their constitutionally granted rights to bear arms to protect themselves.  They recognize that gun ownership is not for everyone, but feel it’s right for them.  They therefore want to be left alone to exercise their rights to protect themselves as they see fit.

On the other hand you have the gun-control advocates—people like Mr Boritz—who don’t believe gun ownership is right for them, and therefore should not be allowed for anyone.  These folks know what’s best for the rest of us, and are therefore going to impose their will on the rest of us.

As Mr Boritz so clearly stated:  “...I did not think that a rifle with that kind of fire power [an AR-15] was necessary for self protection.”  He goes on further to write “I believe his need to possess superior fire power is a false refuge.”  I’d be willing to bet Mr Boritz has never seen an AR-15, let alone fired one.  I’d go further out on the limb and assume that he thinks a semi-automatic weapon is a “weapon of mass destruction,” as I have heard some talking heads on TV assert.  

I’d like to suggest to Mr Boritz that he find the video on You Tube that illustrates the difference between firing an AR-15 and a shot-gun (Mr Biden’s suggested weapon of choice).

Boritz concludes:  “When a belief leads to an absurd conclusion, then I think it wise to question the value of that belief.”  Amen brother!  The underlying fallacy of the gun control crowd is that controlling guns will control human behavior.  That’s the absurd conclusion I draw.  Nothing in S.B. 1160 will do anything to prevent another 12/14, and those that think it will are deluding themselves and/or engaging in political grandstanding.  (It’s unconstitutional too, not that that seems to matter to anyone anymore.)  We have recently seen how passing laws about texting-while-driving has curtailed that dangerous activity, haven’t we?

Robert De Blasio

8 Melody Lane, Newtown                    April 9, 2013

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Well Done

Amen brother! It will not be herd by the deaf but it is certainly resonating with those who agree but those also on the edge who are starting to remember their 4th and 5th grade constitution studies.

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