School Nurses Against Gun Violence

To the Editor,

We the School Nurses of Newtown, AFSCME Local 1303-215, want meaningful federal gun reforms. We applaud Gov. Malloy and legislative leaders for their bipartisan effort to make Connecticut safer and healthier. Now it’s time for national action. We support our Second Amendment and an individual's right to own a gun but believe there need to be rational, common sense regulations and limitations to the law. We support any bills to study the impact of violent video games and video programming on children. We support accessible medical health care which includes mental and emotional health care programs for those at risk. We support any program to keep families healthier. We want other school nurse groups from neighboring communities and other states to join us.

It is our hope that school nurses can have a unified voice to prevent future tragedies and strengthen our communities.

Susan Fahy

Kathleen Kloeblen

Newtown April 8. 2013

(The writers are co-presidents of AFSCME Local 1303-215, which represents Newtown school nurses. The bargaining unit voted unanimously for Kathy and Susan to send this on the group’s behalf.)

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