Faith In This Country

To the Editor:

After my response to Mr Barzetti’s letter (“Financial Collapse is Near”, 3/22 Bee), the last emotion I thought I would feel is pity.  But, after reading his latest missive (“Gun Confiscation Leads to Genocide”, 4/5 Bee), I do truly pity him.

I won’t detail all that is not factual in the letter (and it is considerable), but I do think it is quite sad that anyone is so afraid to live in, his words, “this great country,” that he feels the need to arm himself for the purpose of defending himself against the, his words, “mobs and or a tyrannical oppressive government” about to descend upon us in that same country (how “great” is that?!).

Mr Barzetti is obviously wrapped up in his narrow interpretation of the Second Amendment, but should be much more appreciative of the First Amendment, which gives him the right to make public his extremist, fact-distorted, and even self-contradictory viewpoints.

So I will not respond to any of his future fear-inspired rants, if, unfortunately, The Bee elects to print them.

And, no, Mr Barzetti, I will not be leaving either, because I have much more faith in this country and the vast majority of its citizens than do you.

By the way, I don’t recall ever mentioning a gun ban or gun confiscation.

Ken Loerzel

12 Russett Road, Sandy Hook                    April 9, 2013

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