This Is Not The Year To Gamble

To the Editor:

We are about to endeavor on our third budget referendum, but the first time that we have a bifurcated budget and will be voting for the education budget only. This is uncharted territory for our town. 

This year we have also gone into uncharted territory as to how to best plan for the many unknowns that 12/14 will bring to Newtown while still maintaining the level of excellence that we have come to expect in Newtown’s schools.  We have an exceptional school system; a school system that makes Newtown attractive to families.  Newtown is our home.   

Significant cuts have been made to the proposed BOE budget but we cannot afford to have any more cut.   This is not the year to gamble. 

 We need to show our teachers that we support them, as they have supported us.  We need to be the voices for our children.  We need to support each other, as the strong community that we are.  We need to support this budget. 

 Vote Yes on June 4th – for our children, for our teachers, for our Town!  Your vote does matter!

Thank you,

Karyn Holden

Berkshire Road, Sandy Hook               May 31, 2013

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I agree, lets go with last years number.

I agree, no year to gamble. Let's just go with what we spent last year. That's about $3,000,000.00 less than what is being proposed in this referendum.

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