A Most Special Library

To the Editor:

 Several weeks ago I was “home” and as usual I went to the library, this time to buy several copies of Daniel Cruson's new book and as always, to breath in the atmosphere. I know and love the fact that ours is a most unique and most special library. I have, over the years, brought many people to admire our very special library. It always fills me with great pride and affection.

My mother was, at one time, one of the ten best reference librarians in the country. She reviewed encyclopedias, was head of a large county reference department, and had on her desk two red phones. One was from Enoch Pratt in Baltimore and one from the Library of Congress. They each knew that they had the books but she knew which book. This was just as computers were emerging and were the size of small buildings. In any case, I know what a modern up-to-date library should look like and I shudder with horror at the very thought that our library should look even a bit like that.

Many of us colluded all one summer on a neighbor's back porch just to figure out how to bring Art Spector around to approving the enlargement of the library and the utilization of the third floor. The comprehensive design and layout, placement of stacks, reference room, children's room  computers, decorations etc. and all the lovely antiques were  very scrupulously considered  with care and love by people very aware of just what Newtown wanted and what would become a completely Newtown library. To think of changing it would be as popular as moving the flag pole. I suggest that if the new librarian wants a very different library, he might be happier to look else where.


Melissa Pilchard

Little Egg Harbor, NJ  and Hanover Road, Newtown                    August 28, 2013

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