Look To The Library Board For Answers

To the Editor:

As a former C.H. Booth chairman of the board, who occupied the chair during our expansion, I have become disturbed by the happenings at the library, as are many others. It is true that the new director has made some missteps: hiding away Janet Woycik’s picture, firing a popular reference librarian, and upon meeting Janet for the first time, barely acknowledged her and then ordered her to get away from behind the front desk.

But are these errors all his fault? I suggest that behind his actions there is board direction. After all, who would have decreed that he could not come meet any of his new staff or the retiring librarian before the first day on the job? Surely he would have liked to do that. I have come to believe that some of the board, certainly not the majority, are very mean-spirited. They are the ones who made the last six months of our wonderful librarian’s tenure so miserable. When I wrote to two of the board members complaining of this treatment, I received no answers. So look to the board.


Gordon M. Williams

601B Heritage Village, Southbury            September 10, 2013

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