Say ‘Thank You’

To the Editor:

The State of Connecticut is giving us a gift – the gift of a new school.  What were you taught to do when you receive a gift?  You were taught to say, “Thank you.”  We can all say “Thank you” by voting “Yes” on October 5. 

We have heard arguments against accepting this generous gift, but building a new Sandy Hook School gives the town a new school, and it gives the town options for the future.  At this time, enrollment is down but not enough to close a school.  Since we do not have a crystal ball, we don’t know if enrollment will drop enough for that to ever happen in Newtown. 

This vote does not just impact the Sandy Hook School community.  If we are not able to bring our kids home from Monroe to their own school, then we may have to redistrict all of the elementary schools in order to make room for over 400 students.   Our current six schools cannot accommodate this additional population and may result in us, the tax-paying townspeople, having to pay for portable classrooms or more. 

On October 5, 2013, at Newtown Middle School, we have an opportunity to accept a generous, beautiful gift from the State of Connecticut.  We have an opportunity to bring our kids home to our community by voting “Yes.”  Don’t take this vote for granted.  We only get to say “Thank you” once.  Please vote Yes!

Thank you,

John and Karyn Holden

68 Berkshire Road, Sandy Hook               September 24, 2013

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