Where There’s Smoke… There’s Good Samaritans

To the Editor:

On Wednesday, October 23, 2013, at about 9 am, I was working on some town matters in my den when I heard the Hook and Ladder sirens, a few seconds later I smelled smoke and thought, “that fire must be pretty close.” I walked out the side door and I noticed a Park and Rec truck parked across the street at the Newtown Inn. He was motioning to me and pointing towards the front of my house. I went around the corner and there was another green shirted Park and Rec worker beating down flames with a blanket/coat – still not sure what. Seems the electrician hadn’t installed our Main Street floodlights as low heat, and accumulated leaves had ignited, the next thing our front bushes were in flames.

We live in an 1860 historic wooden house, if this happened at 4 am who knows what would have happened to our family. If a couple of our Parks and Rec workers hadn’t been so observant… Lou Otero and Joe Freebairn were driving by, saw the flames, one called Hook and Ladder, the other fought the fire. When I got around the corner I grabbed a hose, our Park and Rec friend grabbed it, and I ran to turn off the electrical power. Hook and Ladder arrived less than one minute later! They made sure it was out and examined the rest of the electrical work.

Lou Otero and Joe Freebairn, two town Park and Rec employees both attentively and bravely saved our family home, our family treasures and a pristine historic Main Street house! Hook and Ladder made sure it stayed that way!  How do you say thank you? I have no idea. I am truly at a loss. I had to get these gentlemen’s names from Carl Samuelson, see, once Hook and Ladder arrived they just waived and left. All our family can say, Lou Otero and Joe Freebairn, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  And, thank you Hook and Ladder, one minute response time, this is why we need you in the borough!

I had intended a last letter to the editor before the election to address some wonderful Democratic candidates: Ann Benore – Town Clerk, Michelle Ku – Board of Education, Laura Main – Board of Education, etc.  Instead, just please go to the website, www.newtownctdemocrats.org.  and read about all these great candidates. And, let’s not forget our town and school employees and volunteers are amazing people, too. Thank you all.

Very truly yours,

Jim and Stephanie Gaston

18 Main Street, Newtown                    October 28, 2013

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