Healthcare Frustration

To The Editor:

I am one of the many unfortunate people over 60 who have had their healthcare cancelled due to the Affordable Care Act. My current policy, with Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield has been cancelled effective 1/1/14. My current policy costs me $1,389.42 per month to cover my wife and myself and has a deductible of $5,000.

After notifying me of the cancellation, Anthem wrote and offered me a new policy on the healthcare exchange at a cost of $1,840.43 with a deductible of $6,000. They helpfully stated that “we will move you right into a new plan.” How can anyone consider that an annual cost of over $22,000 for health insurance is affordable to someone who earns slightly more than $62,000, the threshold for financial support for my wife and myself?

This system is rigged in favor of the young or the sick. The old and the healthy pay more than anyone else, yet the support, based on earnings level, is fixed regardless of your age or where you live, and that takes me to another issue; where you live.

How can this system justify premium costs in Fairfield that are higher than in New Haven county? It used to be that policies were not available across state lines, but now they are not available across county lines. If you live in Fairfield, across the street from New Haven county, you can move and get better health insurance rates. Does this sound crazy?

Employers are also gaming the system. My son’s employer approached him and told him that he might get a better deal by going into the exchange for insurance. He earns a wage that will entitle him to financial aid and this will save him money and also his employer money. He is a good employer and although he may continue to offer my son healthcare, he recognizes that it is a better deal for my son and his business if my son does not use the company healthcare. I don’t grudge anyone playing by the system, but this system is rigged and the taxpayer (that’s me) and the old healthy people (that’s me as well) are asked to foot the bill.

Michael Clark

236 Berkshire Road, Sandy Hook   November 18, 2013

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