An Opportunity To Demonstrate Support For The Schools

To the Editor:

The PTAs/PTSA of all seven Newtown schools have voted unanimously to support the budget adopted by the Legislative Council. We believe this proposed budget, while not moving our school district forward in any substantive way, is a frugal, practical, and fair budget.

During the lengthy process of preparing the budget, Dr Reed and the Board of Education paid critical attention to factors such as enrollment changes and potential changes in grants and were able to present a budget without increase. At this point in Newtown’s history we need to collaboratively demonstrate that we all indeed value the education of Newtown’s children and the success of its schools.

Therefore, we encourage you to join us in voting Yes on April 22, 2014 at the Newtown Middle School on Queen Street from 6:00am to 8:00pm. 


Denise Tramposch, President NMS PTA

Jen Scarangella, Advocacy Chair NMS PTA

On behalf of all members of Newtown PTAs/PTSA

11 Queen Street, Newtown,                   April 11, 2014

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