One Sunday In Oz

To the Editor:

Dorothy and Toto greeted us at the door and we even saw a couple of guests who came in costume. 

We want to thank the Cultural Arts Commission and the Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers for bringing The Wizard of Oz to the big screen for us to enjoy. Jennifer Rogers of the Cultural Arts Commission and Town Historian Dan Cruson gave a great lead-in to the movie, with insights into America in 1939 and why this created what many consider the best year for movies, ever. Although the movie was wonderful to watch, you can see so much more than on a TV. We enjoyed even more the reactions and comments of the little children who were there with their parents, seeing the Wizard for the first time.  I also want to know how they found a Wizard of Oz pin ball machine for the lobby.  There was a long line to have the chance to play.

The refurbishment of the theater has been done with great attention to the original design intent and the new lighting is very appropriate.

There will be a special movie each month celebrating 1939.  Plan on attending!  There is nothing like seeing these movies on the big screen.  There will also be the showing of Gone with the Wind on November 30.  Make it a Thanksgiving treat for your family.

Bob and Cindy Mitchell

71 Osborne Hill Road, Sandy Hook            May 27, 2014

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