Help Someone Who Has Helped So Many Others

To the Editor:
Thank you so much for your recent Ink Drops editorial on the Pushcart end-of-year activity at Reed.  A few weeks ago, I learned through Karen King of the generosity of the West Coast couple and how their kindness inspired our Reed students to achieve sales at an unprecedented level!  I think of how wonderful the outcome of this effort will be for those Monrovian children.  We cannot imagine a school house made of straw and mud, but this was the reality for those New Life Academy students. And, now, through the goodness of an anonymous couple and our enterprising Reed youngsters, the Monrovian children will have a building that is dry and warm – a place where books and paper will be ready tools for learning.

My writing to you on this topic has another point, however.  And that is to generate some interest in helping Karen fund a journey to Monrovia next summer to witness the fulfillment of these recent Push-cart efforts. That travel is costly (about $2,000). Ms King readily acknowledges that she is not able to self-fund the journey.  I think of other significant charitable efforts Karen has brought to our students, such as Pencils for Peace (Kosovo) and A Mile in Their Shoes (Haiti), and a well for clean water (Libe-ria).  And, I am hoping others will join me in supporting Karen.

Alan Clavette of the Newtown Lions is poised to receive and manage any donations for this purpose.  Let’s provide some help for someone who has dedicated so much to helping others!  Donations may be accepted by Alan Clavette at P.O. Box 263, Newtown, CT 06470. Checks need to be made payable to Newtown Rotary Club Foundation.

Pat Llodra
Riverside Road, Sandy Hook         July 30, 2014

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