School Board Selects New Hawley School Principal

While the Board of Education interviewed Christopher Moretti for the position of principal of Hawley Elementary School in an executive session on April 29, a group of district personnel, Hawley staff members, and current principal Jo-Ann Peters Edmondson waited outside the Council Chambers at Newtown Municipal Center.

When the school board opened  its session to the public, it unanimously voted to hired Mr Moretti for the position.

The Board of Education had accepted Ms Peters Edmondson’s resignation during a meeting on December 23. While Ms Peters Edmondson formally retired in December, she has stayed on at her school as acting principal.

“[Mr Moretti] emerged from a very strong pool of candidates, and I am pleased and excited to welcome him to Newtown’s leadership team,” Superintendent of Schools Joseph Erardi, Jr, said in a statement. “Mr Moretti will bring to Hawley Elementary School a veteran skill set that is deeply vested in ‘best for the children.’ Congratulations to [Mr Moretti], and I am certain that the legacy of excellence that [Ms Peters Edmondson] established and enhanced with staff will be preserved under the direction of Mr Moretti.”

Christopher Moretti has been the principal of Long Meadow Elementary School in Region 15 since 2009. Before that he served as assistant principal at Cider Mill Elementary School in Wilton, as Cider Mill’s mathematics instructional leader, as a fourth grade teacher at Cider Mill, and taught in North Haven and Milford, according to his resume.

He will begin his tenure at Hawley on July 1. His salary will be set by the existing administrator’s contract, according to the board’s motion.

“I am pleased with [Mr Moretti’s] appointment to the position,” Ms Peters Edmondson said in a statement. “I have heard wonderful comments about [Mr Moretti], and I am confident that his experience will serve him well as the new principal of Hawley.”

Ms Peters Edmondson also said the new principal “is very fortunate to be able to work with Hawley’s dedicated staff, supportive parents, and great students. I am here to assist [Mr Moretti] in making a smooth transition.”

Mr Moretti was surrounded by family members when the school board voted unanimously to accept him as Hawley’s new principal.

“Congratulations,” Board of Education Chair Debbie Leidlein said to a round of applause following the appointment.

Going through the process of interviewing for the position, Mr Moretti said, was an honor. He also said it is “truly a wonderful opportunity to be able to help [Dr Erardi] and support him in implementing his vision for Newtown. I’m very excited about that and honored to be a part of it.”

Tuesday evening, Mr Moretti also thanked the school board members for the privilege of selecting him as Hawley’s next principal, and said he is looking forward to working with the staff.

“It’s a very exciting time. Personally and professionally it all came together,” said Mr Moretti. “I’m very excited about it, and I thank you for the opportunity.”


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