A Newtown Contingent Joins NYC’s St Patrick’s Day Parade

A contingent from Newtown filled four charter buses and headed to New York City Saturday morning for the 252nd Annual St Patrick’s Day Parade. The Newtown High School Marching Band & Color Guard, along with members of Hawleyville and Sandy Hook Fire companies, Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Newtown Underwater Search And Rescue, and a few teachers participated in the parade to represent.

The group left from Newtown High School by 9:45 am, arriving in Manhattan shortly after 11.

Newtown resident Greg Pategas organized the group’s appearance in the parade.

Mr Pategas and friends carried the banner, followed by first responders and teachers, then the color guard and band.

When the group arrived in Manhattan it was cloudy and a light snow was falling. By the time they began marching the snow was falling steadily.

Walking behind a white banner with green lettering that announced “We Are Newtown, Connecticut. We Choose Love,” the group marched up Fifth Avenue following the historic parade’s two-mile route.

Thousands of people cheered, clapped and called out to the group as it marched. “We love you Connecticut!” “God bless you Newtown!” and even “Thank you for coming” were repeatedly yelled toward the group of approximately 150 people who made up the local contingent.

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