Police Continue Probe Into Four Residential Shootings

Police said Monday they are continuing their probe into a series of shooting incidents which occurred in the darkness early on the morning of Tuesday, March 12, at four separate residential locations.

There were no injuries in the incidents which occurred on Alpine Drive, Saw Mill Road, Berkshire Road, and Brandywine Lane, Lieutenant George Sinko, commander of the police department’s patrol division, said April 1.

The police detective bureau is pursuing leads in the case in seeking to find who took those shots, damaging property at the four locations.

At Alpine Drive, someone shot out two windows of a vehicle parked outdoors; at Saw Mill Road, a bullet penetrated a house’s wall and came to rest in an opposing wall; at Berkshire Road, a bullet passed through a double-paned picture window and entered the house; and at Brandywine Lane, someone shot at a curbside mailbox.

“We believe that all four [of the incidents] are related,” Lt Sinko said.

 It is unclear if the same person fired the shots in each of the four incidents, he said. The firearm used was of relatively small caliber, he said.

Police theorize the incidents may be “youth-related,” involving people who are in their late teens or early 20’s. It is unclear if retaliation is a motive.

“The detective bureau is investigating all avenues…They do have several leads…We have a lot of investigation to do,” Lt Sinko said.

Since the March 12 shootings, there have been no similar incidents reported to police, the lieutenant said.

“The general public does not need to be in fear,” he said, noting that the cluster of shootings appears to amount an “isolated” situation.

“This is not common at all…It’s a dangerous situation…We’re taking it very seriously,” Lt Sinko said.

Lt Sinko asked anyone with knowledge of the incidents to contact the police detective unit at the police station at 3 Main Street, telephone 203-426-5841.

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