State Completing Design For Glen Road Bridge Improvements

The state Department of Transportation (DOT) is completing its design for the rehabilitation of the Glen Road bridge, which crosses above the Lake Zoar section of the Housatonic River, linking Sandy Hook to River Road in Southbury.

DOT spokesman Kevin Nursick said this week he expects that DOT will advertise the project for construction bids in mid-June.

It is expected that the bridge rehabilitation project would begin in April 2014, he said.

“Construction will occur during alternating one-way traffic [on the bridge], with possible short-term [bridge] closures, as required, for structural repairs, “ he said.

Short-term bridge closures would include the use of detours on adjacent roads and on Interstate 84, he said.

DOT has estimated that the Glen Road bridge repairs would cost approximately $6 million.

The bridge, which carries the unmarked State Route 816 across the river, is listed as structurally deficient, resulting in the span receiving a “poor” rating from the DOT, requiring that it be rehabilitated.

The bridge locally is known as the Silver Bridge, stemming from its previous silvery paint color. The bridge is now painted brown.

The span was constructed in 1936. The DOT performed a major improvement project on the bridge in 1986. The two-lane, 308-foot-long truss-style bridge has extensive patches of surface rust apparent across its steel members.

The bridge is listed on the Connecticut Historic Bridge Inventory and is eligible for placement on the National Register of Historic Places. The span carries about 3,100 vehicles daily.

It is expected that the bridge project will take one-and-a-half construction seasons to complete. Construction seasons typically extend from April 1 to November 30.

During the first planned construction season, extending from April through November 2014, the bridge would be closed to traffic to allow structural repairs to be made. During that period, traffic that otherwise would cross the Glen Road bridge would be detoured to the Rochambeau Bridge on Interstate 84.

Remaining work on the bridge, including its cleaning and painting, would occur during the first half of the following construction season, from April through July 2015. During that four-month period, alternating one-way traffic would be allowed on the Glen Road bridge.

The physical deterioration of the Glen Road bridge will be corrected to prevent the span from posing travel safety issues for the public, according to DOT. The work will include steps to eliminate ponding that occurs on the bridge in wet weather.

The federal government would cover 80 percent of bridge project costs, with the state covering the remaining 20 percent.

In June 2011, DOT held an informational session in Newtown to explain the bridge improvement project.

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State Completing Design For Glen Road Bridge Improvements

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State Completing Design For Glen Road Bridge Improvements

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Actually, the bridge design

Actually, the bridge design companies plan for this but the representative did not attend and they are now losing time for this but they promise to work for it. They will also compute for the total cost for this design as they go through. They still also need to ask permission from the department.

Bridge Repair

Based on your article, I wish to make you aware that I have contacted DOT, Newtown and Southbury 1st selectmen with my deep concern of closing the Glen Road Bridge. Our officials dropped the ball in not recognizing the consequence when Interstate 84 traffic is diverted to Glen Road and this Bridge. The only other option would be to divert Interstate 84 to Route 34 and the Stevenson Dam Bridge, which is a 30-40 mile detour.

For those of us who live in this area, we are all aware of the congestion on Interstate 84 forcing many to rely on Glen Road and its Bridge. Many parents, teachers and those employed in this area would be truly impacted if the bridge was to close.

There's no question that this neglected bridge needs the repair. However, any closure is not an option without having a way to cross the river. Yes, it adds cost to the repair. But Interstate 84 motorist have added cost and lost of time too when diverted to an alternate 30-40 miles detour that Route 34 would add.

I would suggest contacting CT DOT, and your 1st selectmen to voice your concern.

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