Corruption And Tyranny

To the Editor:

Last week President Obama gave the commencement speech at Ohio State University where he attacked those who said governments were capable of tyranny. Sorry, but President Obama was wrong! History has shown “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!” That has been known for centuries and was the premise of our Founders, and still is observable today.

Unfortunately, most Ohio State graduates probably are not well schooled in American or world history, and they are young and inexperienced in life. Let’s look at corruption within government. We identify corruption by two facts: 1) some person went to jail or worse, and 2) money was stolen, misused, or some elected official gave up their license to practice law.

In Connecticut, Governor Rowland went to jail for abusing the power of his office and secured special favors at no cost to himself. You also have the Danbury judge who hanged himself after stealing clients’ money to play the stock market. And attorney Vincent Scozzafava who also stole clients’ money and also committed suicide. In Newtown we had two police officers who stole union dues, And previously there was a Newtown first selectman who resigned from office and also got disbarred for fraudulent financial actions involving real estate. This is all corruption and corruption in government creates tyranny.

In Chicago, almost one out of four elected officials end up in jail after they leave office. The former governor Rod Blagojevich comes to mind. Remember, he tried to sell the Senate seat previously held by President Obama. Within President Obama’s own circle you have Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton and the Whitewater Scandal about misappropriated money for Bill’s first presidential run. Some recreational land was remortgaged via three first mortgages all at the same time along with two second mortgages. Do you remember banker Vincent Foster committing suicide? How about the fact both Hillary and Bill Clinton gave up their law licenses. They gave them up to avoid prosecution. Then you have Bill Clinton’s statement (a lie), “That I did not have sex with that woman.” All of this happening within the oval office while administering the affairs of state. And what about Benghazi?

Last but not least, we have Mrs Obama herself who gave up her law license. And a more curious fact…That President Obama went to law school, was supposedly editor of the Harvard Law Review, but never took the bar exam. Why not? And why did Obama seal all of his records? Better yet, why did Congress go along with this?

Public corruption and tyranny go hand in hand. And when elected leaders ignore the voters’ majority “No Votes,” about increased spending and micromanage by reducing budgets of token amounts; that too is a form of tyranny. Governments are made up of people, and God says, all people are sinners by nature.

Daniel A. Kormanik

178 Hanover Road, Newtown                      May 8, 2013

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