Llodra, Rodgers Planning To Run For Reelection, Gaston Likely

After helping guide Newtown through its darkest days post 12/14, leading a team of officials supporting a rebuilding site for Sandy Hook School, and four of the most challenging budget processes in memory, First Selectman Pat Llodra and Selectman Will Rodgers have announced intentions to seek respective third terms this November.

Democratic Selectman James Gaston, Sr previously told The Bee that he would likely run for reelection if Mrs Llodra committed to a third term. He said this week he will await a Democratic Town Committee endorsement before formally announcing.

In a brief announcement May 23, Mrs Llodra said the challenges and hurdles the community is facing now, and will continue to face “in the coming months and years are best managed by leadership that is experienced, informed, and capable.”

“I believe that I have those qualities and am able to help Newtown address the issues and problems ahead,” Mrs Llodra continued. “It is an honor and a privilege for me to serve this community, this special place that means so much to me.”

Mrs Llodra also said that Selectman Will Rodgers will again join her as running mate.

“Will has been of invaluable assistance to me both before and since 12/14,” Mrs Llodra said. “In addition, most of the leadership team and members currently serving on the combined boards and the Legislative Council are also committed to seeking another term.”

Together, the first selectman said, that team of Republican officials offers Newtown “stability in the face of great change, along with the experience and wisdom needed to face our many challenges.”

“Also, as a team we are able to help our town regain the strength and focus needed to improve our local economic conditions; chart a course of reasonable and balanced growth; continue the incremental and appropriate development of the Fairfield Hills campus; continue the quest for excellence in our K–12 school program; and finally, address real planning for the pressing capital needs of a police station, a community center, and a senior center,” Mrs Llodra continued.

“As always, we will be very aware of financial impacts of our decisions and will seek to mitigate those impacts through a variety of strategies including grand list growth, grants, and smart management,” she concluded.

In the coming months, Mrs Llodra said she plans to reach out to voters, “to hear your concerns, solicit your ideas and suggestions, and ultimately to ask for your support so that we may move forward together.”

During an informal query of Legislative Council members May 22, most expressed an interest in running for reelection. Two members indicated they were still undecided.



Free Honey For Everyone

I don't mean to create a buzz, but I'm contemplating throwing my hat into the political arena as well. My campaign platform would be "free honey for everyone!"

Vote for Mayor Bee!

Bye world!

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