Llodra: Town Will Receive $50M Bond For SHS Replacement

This story was updated since its first posting to reflect that Newtown has received confirmation of this state bonding initiative.

First Selectman Pat Llodra learned June 5 that state lawmakers were poised to deliver a $50 million bonding initiative to assist Newtown in its efforts to rebuild Sandy Hook School, which has been vacant since 12/14. And her office confirmed Thursday morning that the state had committed to that bonding initiative.

She said the town was in line to receive funding “not to exceed $50 million.” The money is part of a $2 billion state bonding package approved in the final hours of the 2012-13 session.

“This is not a typical school construction bond, but a special (state) bonding provision,” she told The Bee. “And while the proposal is for $50 million, we will try to not have to use all those resources.”

Mrs Llodra said that upon confirmation of the bonding, the town’s next steps would involve initiating the process of demolishing the existing facility, and prepping the school’s existing site for a new facility, which is estimated to cost $46 million.

The first selectman said additional state money could be saved once the town has a good idea about promised materials and outfitting that might be forthcoming from corporate donors and those pledging in-kind services.

Public Building and Site Commission Chairman Bob Mitchell, who is a commercial architect, previously told The Bee that his firm’s many vendors have been lining up for months, anxious to donate specific hardware and other services for the new Sandy Hook School. He said pricy high-end custom lighting equipment and a fully functioning weather station are among the many accessories that have been offered.

Mrs Llodra said she could not thank state officials enough for their support of the community since 12/14, singling out Governor Dannel Malloy, Lt Governor Nancy Wyman and state Office of Policy and Management (OPM) Secretary Ben Barnes, as well as state lawmakers.

She added that while the bond initiative originates at the state level, a local referendum would be held to authorize the town accepting the financial assistance. Besides using state funds to design and build the new school, funds could also be applied to the demolition of the existing building.

“This is huge for us,” she said. “I can’t say enough about the tremendous action on the part of the governor, the lieutenant governor and the legislature, to devote those resources to our community.”

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More stupid government action...

I find it hard to believe that CT being Sooo cash strapped is willing to fork over $50 million for a new school that we don't even know what the enrollment numbers will be. This is our government at its absolute incompetence. Hospitals are having funding cut by the CT gov't, CT citizens are lining up for dental care in Bridgeport....but they can give Newtown this $$ for a school!...This is a crime in itself...our 'special needs governor' has really lost it and needs to be reeled in, but no one in Hartford has the guts to speak up...This is a real embarrassment and Newtown should be ashamed of itself for accepting this money when there are so many other people in this state that are so far worse off.

It's a bond (LOAN)


Not sure how this bond works

Not sure how this bond works, if in fact 100 % is repaid or a lessor portion. But I to would like to help by offering my service free of charge and the use of the Polycrete Big Block at cost. This product has been used to build secured Government buildings for the US government. bullet proof,blast proof, stands up to 300 mph winds, Earth Quake resistant, and has at least a four hour fire ratting, ICC tested. typically would cost less than cast in place concrete. It will be my pleasure to give back to Newtown.

Your generous offer

Bryant, as a Newtown resident, I want to say thank you for your generous offer. While I have no idea as to if or how your services and at-cost offer can be used, you can leave your information with the First Selectman's Office at (203) 270-4201. I'm sure someone there will point you in the right direction or arrange for someone to follow up with you down the road. Again, thank you for your support to our town.

When is the referendum?

Mighty sure of yourself aren't you? You might want to try and pass this thing by the taxpayers before you get too far down the road. Tearing down that school and building a new one in its place using credit is like slashing your own tires with 20 k miles on them and buying new ones on a credit card. It gets you nowhere but in debt.

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